Koja ste poznata lepotica?
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Autoru:  lasko [ 20 Apr 2007, 12:27 ]
Tema posta:  Koja ste poznata lepotica?

Autoru:  lasko [ 20 Apr 2007, 12:27 ]
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Angelina Jolie
You are a mysterious beauty. Guys are drawn to you because they want to know more. Your style makes you stand out but lets you be yourself at the same time.

Autoru:  hipnotic [ 25 Apr 2007, 23:41 ]
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Cameron Diaz
You are the fun beauty! You are or were a class clown. Your look really reflects your attitude. You keep things simple but really fun.

xexe...... :}

Autoru:  milenaa [ 27 Avg 2007, 19:20 ]
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Paris Hilton

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You are the socialite beauty. You like what is in style right at this minute. If it's hott you will go out and buy it. You know how to work it, honey.

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